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Solving challenges of inception, development and implementation


Thank you for visiting iSPAD. We are here to assist you with the challenges of creating and operating a successful business in the spa, health and wellness space We are hands-on and come with the best recommendations from people like yourself. Our experience stems from working in the field and as service providers, managers and business owners. We provide real-time, real-people knowledge of the field.


Our strength is our ability to offer a full service menu while always managing your project in-house and drawing on trusted industry experts as needed.


"I worked closely with Nicolay at Kalani Oceanside Retreat. At the time, I was the Marketing Director and immensely appreciated Nicolay's capacity to implement a successful business vision, his clarity about strategies and focus. His methodical and rational approach to business management helped Kalani Oceanside Retreat's occupancy rate and overall client's relations, offerings and management grow substantially." Denis Fuster, Marketing Dir. / General Manager, Kalani Oceanside Retreat



New Creation and Startup
Management Challenges
Performance and Results Improvement


New Creation and Startup

iSPAD will be your project lead on all questions regarding your startup with focused operational expertise. We will integrate trusted allied experts as needed to offer the most complete coverage in all areas of planning and implementation with a focus on profitability and function.


We can start with you from scratch or step up to assist with specific challenges you might encounter in the process. We offer a full service spectrum of assistance that can lead from a feasibility study through concept, design and budget planning all the way to the successful launch.


...It has been a true pleasure to work with Mr. Kreidler. He is one of few people who understands what it takes to run a business... Ben Tutt General Manager Wyndham (Now GM at "The Reefs", Bermuda)


Our services cover the three relevant areas:

Concept Development


Market Research

- Current market analysis
- Competitor analysis
- Local demographics
- Target market, client profile and capture rates

Facility components

- Facility dimensions

- Service range assessment
- Workflow analysis

Feasibility Assessment

- Service and retail sales projections
- Cost of operations projection


Concept Development


- Vision
- Mission
- Philosophy
- Identity
- Theme

- Positioning
- Name and logo development

Concept Detail

- Services, custom treatments
- Staffing structure
- Space planning
- Retail and private label products
- Pricing of services, packages and products

Financial Planning

FF&E investment budget
OS&E investment budget
Operating budget
P&L Projections

Marketing & Campaigning

Online and offline collateral
Develop attractive programs
PR and advertising
Opening campaign

Customer retention programs

Services & Programs

Service menu development
Program and package menu concept and development




Standard Operating Procedures

- Develop SOPs
- Develop Employee Handbook
- Develop treatment protocols and rituals


- Vendor sourcing
- Pricing
- Purchase orders


Vendor sourcing
Purchase orders


- Recruiting
- Interviewing
- Hiring
- Training

Director Employment

- Recruiting
- Interviewing


Management Challenges

iSPAD is here to solve a growing problem in the health and wellness industry:
What to do when a management gap arises during pre-opening or post-opening operations?


The Solution:
Hire iSPAD to provide expert assistance as an Interim Director.

Dear Nicolay,

I am truly amazed at the short amount of time you spent with us (only four weeks) and the vast amount of work you have completed in that time... Most importantly you have given us new revitalized energy to keep our business alive and for that I am forever grateful. Tammy Bennett DOM Orlando, FL


Core Competence:
iSPAD offers solutions to all your needs of interim management:

  • Pre-opening / opening director
  • Interim director
  • Repositioning director

    The Facts:

  • Unprecedented and uninterrupted expansion in the health and wellness industry
  • Fundamentally different requirements of pre-opening and post-opening operational management
  • Lack of qualified pre-opening, opening and operational directors
  • Risk of qualitative drop during temporary management loss.

    "Do not rush into hiring a new director! Consider outside assistance  


    As the health and wellness industry continues to expand at double-digit rates the acute lack of trained, experienced and suitable directors / operational managers becomes a growing challenge. The gap that arises between demand and fulfillment can and must be bridged.

    Health and are no longer exotic enterprises. Investors and operators want concrete results and apply benchmarks previously only used to forecast and evaluate traditional operations. Comparative analysis and precise financial goals are becoming possible with unified accounting, measurable outcome and access to substantiated statistical information.

    As an owner, operator, consultant or general manager / director who wants to establish a wellness facility as a standalone operation or in the context of a four or five star resort, condo-hotel or lifestyle real estate development that not only delivers features to enable a competitive positioning of the property - but also is a profit generating entity unto itself, you may find yourself in a less than satisfactory position in filling a management position.



    The Challenge

    Here are a few scenarios that you might be encountering:

  • You have moved from the drawing board to construction. You are challenged with finding a director /manager to come on board to help check the status of FF&E, OS&E, develop a service menu, calculate pricing, chose product lines, hire staff, set up a training schedule and punch down to the grand opening where everything will transition smoothly into daily operations. Your pre-opening budget allows for filling the director position months in advance but you need someone who is not only experienced - but fully self-contained and motivated.

  • You are moving rapidly towards opening. The candidates you have interviewed have not had any previous pre-opening experience but you feel one candidate would be the perfect fit once everything is up and running. You would like to retain this candidate but are concerned they might burn out under the pre-opening and opening phase.

  • The director/manager who opened your facility has been invited to manage another opening after being with you for 6 months. They feel that they would like to take in this challenge and need to leave in 2 weeks. The one thing you need in order to find a suitable successor you do not have: Time.

  • Your director/manager has given notice and you feel that promoting from within would upset the balance and that you would be actually compromising quality in order to ensure continuity rather than having a management gap while searching for the right replacement.

  • You feel that professionals from other areas are all of a sudden becoming "health experts" * without knowing the complex operational needs to warrant long-term success. Or you feel that vendors might not be designing equipment specifications, opening orders and service procedures that will be most suitable for your operation.

  • Your facility has been open for a few years and you feel it's time to reinvent your business, find a new identity, reconnect with core values, reconnect with clients and give success a boost.

  • *Including architects and engineers, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, hotel directors...

    These and other scenarios are becoming more and more common.




    We suggest dividing directors/managers into 3 distinct types based on the challenges of the position:


  • A: Pre-opening / opening director / manager
  • Pre-opening directors are attracted to the unknown, the challenge, the frontier. I like to call them the "pioneers". They have to be visionaries and be able to imagine processes before they might even have a facility. They have to have a firm foundation in all operational aspects while envisioning the unique features they will create and orchestrate. They need to be able to transfer the philosophy of the project to future therapists and service providers. A practical fundamental understanding of the core services is essential. Pioneers rarely stay when the excitement has worn off. They feel under-challenged and if they do stay they feel the compromise. Given the opportunity they will seek a new frontier.
    Opening directors have the best of both worlds but are more likely to succeed if they were involved in the pre-opening process. Their challenge is to transition from theory to practice without a hitch. They establish operational procedure based on the operational reality expanding into full capacity.


  • Type B: Interim director - The power in the middle
  • When directors give notice there is rarely enough time to find a qualified successor. Finding the right person can take months. During this time one of the biggest risks that are taken is to allow this vacuum to be filled by temporarily promoting under-qualified staff or by burdening another department manager with this task.

    This can result in:
    Loss of key staff and a drop in staff morale.
    Inertia, loss of momentum, loss of key relationships.
    Damaged public image due to rumors, lack of clear communications.
    Loss of current and future revenue and profit.
    Under performance and a drop in service quality.

  • Type C: The repositioning director
  • The repositioning director has the ability to get everyone on board with a new vision. In a repositioning the talent lies in breaking with old patterns while establishing a new spirit.
    All positions are vital for the continued success of an operation. Due to factors of acquired experience and personality type it is very rare to find a candidate who will flow through all positions with equal success and gratification.

    And ultimately you will be looking for a suitable candidate:


  • Type D: The permanent director
  • This personality type is the one who thrives on consistent procedures and enjoys fine-tuning the process, developing long-term relationships and is resistant to sudden change. I call them the homesteaders. They are the ideal candidates when the operational foundation has been laid.


    All positions are vital for the continued success of an operation.

    Due to factors of acquired experience and personality type,

    it is very rare to find a candidate who will flow

    through all phases with equal success and gratification.



    Performance and Results Improvement

    An independent voice can be extremely helpful when implementing goals, making significant decisions or navigating unexpected roadblocks.

    "I wanted to take the time to Thank you for the great ideas and for your time. I’m so thankful you were able to make it and help me get our spa on the right track. I really feel this was worth it, every moment spent was well spent.  I also received positive feedback from our staff about the training and the meeting we had… Thank YOU so MUCH for all the help." Maria Uribe, Miami FL


    Coaching can be requested for a certain time-period, project or issue and is offered by teleconference or on site or as a combination of both. This could be for example: Reviewing a business plan, hiring staff, reviewing equipment supplies orders or developing a standard operating procedure manual. Coaching fees include research and development as well as review by teleconference or on site or both.


    Mentoring is our most in demand program and is a built around our Health and Wellness Business Mentor Manual combined with regular one-on-one teleconference sessions (anywhere from 4 to 8 times a month).

    The mentoring program is designed for the owner/operator and/or director who wishes to either build his or her business step by step covering all the topics needed to run a successful business or would like to single out a particular area they feel needs attention for example: Budget Development, Standard Operating Procedures or Staff Training.

    This process is an ideal way to plan your business from scratch or re-vitalize your operations and re-focus energy on core issues. In a weekly or biweekly teleconference we address the essentials of running a business in step-by-step or as needed.


    What you will appreciate about both these options is that they are tailored your specific needs and budget. They can be as intense or as focused as needed. We set very specific agendas for each session whether they are within a coaching or mentoring program .


    Teleconferences can be planned as conference calls if experts or additional participants are required.


    One more time an overview of our coaching and mentoring programs:

    Coaching: Pre-arranged time spent on a particular issue.

    Mentoring: Structured path either as complete program or focused on a particular theme. Teleconference weekly or biweekly.


    For an immediate response email Nicolay Kreidler .